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The team began play as the Boston Braves in 1932, based in Boston, before relocating to Washington, D.C., in 1937. The team is based in the Washington area, but their stadium is actually in Maryland, and their headquarters are in Virginia. Then again the capital of America isn't exactly the biggest place. The Redskins have played more than 1,000 games since 1932, and are one of only five franchises in the NFL to record over 600 regular season and postseason wins, reaching that mark in 2015. However, since their last Super Bowl victory following the end of the 1991 season, the Redskins have only won the NFC East three times, made five postseason appearances, and had nine seasons with a winning record.

It doesn't help that the Redskins compete in arguably the toughest division in football. This year the NFC East doesn't have any weak teams. Even last year, Philly finished bottom with a 7-9 record. And that was the worst record, proving just how competitive the NFC East truly is. Most people feel like the Redskins will be this years bottom team in the division. So it'll be an uphill battle for the Skins to prove all the doubters wrong.


Head Coach: Jay Gruden

Two years ago, Washington sat atop the NFC East standings. Today, the organisation may be the worst in the division. Quarterback Kirk Cousins will play the season under a franchise tender with a possible eye toward his next move. The offense will try to replace both of its top wide receivers with the lone addition of Terrelle Pryor. On defense, Trent Murphy, who registered nine sacks last season, won't play this season after he suffered a torn ACL. The division is loaded, and Washington appears to have fallen behind each of its rivals.


Washington's offence surprised a lot of people last year. They finished 2nd overall in pass yargs, and 3rd overall in total yards. No one was expecting that. A lot of that was thanks to QB Kirk Cousins. However this year it will be much tougher to emulate those numbers, with star receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon having skipped town. It'll be up to newly acquired Terrelle Pryor and start tight end Jordan Reed to produce the goods this time around. Th running game has to improve, having finished only 21st in rush yards.


The Redskins' defence needs to put up a better showing this season. They allowed far too many yards, finishing 28th in yards allowed. There is talent on paper to overcome this problem. Notably star cornerback Josh Norman is one of the best in the game. He loves to remind everyone too. Ryan Kerrigan has always been a great rusher for the team, and new 1st round pick Jonathan Allen could be the steal of the draft. This unit should be a lot stronger this year, but have it all to prove in one of the toughest divisions in the league.


Kirk Cousins, QB

Kirk Cousins had a breakthrough year last season, and the Redskins should be doing everything they can to tie him down to a new deal. They franchised tagged him in the offseason, a move they've done 2 years in a row which won't please Cousins. Many think he'll be gone at the end of the seasons, with San Francisco looking the likely destination, with his former OC Kyle Shannahan running things for the 49ers.

Washington hope this isn't the case, as Captain Kirk has proved himself to be one of the better QBs in the league. He may not be considered elite yet, but he's done more than enough to prove that you can build a franchise around him. He became famous for shouting "YOU LIKE THAT!" at reporters after a win. Pretty sure Skins fans loved it, and love Cousins... as long as he stays.

Other notable players: WR - Terrelle Pryor Sr. TE - Jordan Reed. T - Trent Williams. DE - Jonathan Allen (R). OLB - Ryan Kerrigan. CB - Josh Norman.


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FedEx Field

FedEx Field was opened in 1997 and is located in Landover, Maryland, about 11 miles away from Washington, D.C. From 2004 until 2010, it had the largest stadium capacity in the NFL, at over 91,000, until it was reduced in 2011.

Capacity: 82,000

Washington, D.C.

State: District of Columbia

Population: 681,170

Washington, DC, the U.S. capital, is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. It’s defined by imposing neoclassical monuments and buildings – including the iconic ones that house the federal government’s 3 branches: the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. It's also home to iconic museums and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center.


Super Bowls




Conference Champions

NFC Champions - 5

Division Champions

NFL East - 6

NFC East - 8

Playoff Appearances - 24

All Time Record

(Since end of 2016 Season)

Regular Season

Wins: 586 Losses: 572 Ties: 28

Post Season

Wins: 23 Losses: 19


Wins: 609 Losses: 591 Ties: 28

Hall of Famers - 19

Sammy Baugh, RB - Class of 1963

George Marshall, Founder - Class of 1963

Bill Dudley, RB - Class of 1963

Cliff Battles, RB - Class of 1968

Wayne Millner, E - Class of 1968

Turk Edwards, T - Class of 1969

Ray Flaherty, Coach - Class of 1976

Sam Huff, LB - Class of 1982

Sonny Jurgensen, QB - Class of 1983

Bobby Mitchell, F - Class of 1983

Charley Taylor, WR - Class of 1984

Ken Houston, S - Class of 1986

John Riggins, RB - Class of 1992

Joe Gibbs, Coach - Class of 1996

George Allen, Coach - Class of 2002

Darrell Green, CB - Class of 2008

Art Monk, WR - Class of 2008

Russ Grimm, G - Class of 2010

Chris Hanburger, LB - Class of 2011