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The Giants were one of five teams that joined the NFL in 1925, and is the only one of that group still existing, as well as the league's longest-established team in the Northeastern United States. The team has also acquired several nicknames, including "Big Blue", the "G-Men", and the "Jints". Additionally, the team as a whole is occasionally referred to as the "Big Blue Wrecking Crew", even though this moniker primarily and originally refers to the Giants defensive unit during the 80s and early 90s. The team's heated rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles is the oldest of the NFC East rivalries, dating all the way back to 1933, and has been called the best rivalry in the NFL in the 21st century.

Last season Ben McAdoo replaced legendary hothead coach Tom Coughlin. The Giants turned it around in 2016, ending their five-year playoff drought, but later losing to the Packers in the wildcard round. In his second year as head coach, McAdoo will be under immense pressure to imrpove. This team has all the talent in place to win it all again. The G-Men should be a force this season.


Head Coach: Ben McAdoo

The Giants' preseason effort has been less than stellar, yet this team is still loaded with potential after making the playoffs last season. Fears of Eli Manning regressing are legit, yet the quarterback has enough talent around him to post strong numbers. Brandon Marshall, Evan Engram, Odell Beckham Jr and Sterling Shepard make a formidable quartet in the passing game as long as the offensive line holds strong. The defense ranked second overall in points allowed per game last season with a ferocious front attacking opposing quarterbacks.


On paper this group looks insane. They have arguably the best receiving corps in the entire NFL. Beckham Jr is a superstar. Brandon Marshall, although at the end of his career, is still a star. Sterling Shepard is on course to become a star. And rookie tight end Evan Engram should be a big time target. Opposing defences are going to have nightmares trying to cover all those weapons. So all the pressure falls on aging QB Eli Manning. At age 35 he does seem to be in decline, but the Giants will be hoping he has enough in the tank to get them over the line.


This defence went from bad to great in one season. Last year the Giants overhauled the entire defence, and boy did it pay off. Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul are constantly putting the quarterback under duress. Janoris Jenkins and Landon Collins are two of the best cover men in the secondary. Especially Collins who has emerged as a top saftey in the league. The G-Men finished in the top 3 for rush defence and even better for points allowed. If the offence clicks on all cylinders, then all this unit has to do is keep teams at bay. Look out NFL.


Odell Beckham Jr, WR

Odell Beckham Jr, aka OBJ, is probably the biggest superstar in the NFL today. He shot to fame in his rookie season in 2014 when he made what many consider to be the greatest catch of all time. Making a one handed grab whilst leaping backwards into the endzone for a touchdown. It was insane, and if you haven't seen it, go check it out now.

Since then all OBJ has done is shred up opposing defences and entertain the crowds. He's a huge personality, although that's rubbed some people the wrong way by labelling him as 'cocky' or even being a 'diva'. Beckham seems to love the limelight, and with his ridiculous ability and records he's earnt it. He probably has the best hands in the game, making insane one handed catches on a regular basis. The 3 times pro bowler is headed for greatness.

Other notable players: QB - Eli Manning. WR - Brandon Marshall. WR - Sterling Shepard. DE - Jason Pierre-Paul. DT - Damon Harrison. OLB - Olivier Vernon. CB - Janoris Jenkins. S - Landon Collins.


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MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium was opened in 2010, and is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, 11 miles northwest of New York City. It's also home to the New York Jets.

Capacity: 82,500

New York City

State: New York

Population: 8,537,673

New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. At its core is Manhattan, a densely populated borough that’s among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theater is staged in neon-lit Times Square.


Super Bowls





Conference Champions

NFL Eastern - 6

NFC Champions - 5

Division Champions

NFL East - 8

NFC East - 8

Playoff Appearances - 32

All Time Record

(Since end of 2016 Season)

Regular Season

Wins: 684 Losses: 572 Ties: 33

Post Season

Wins: 24 Losses: 25


Wins: 708 Losses: 597 Ties: 33

Hall of Famers - 19

Tim Mara, Founder/Owner - Class of 1963

Mel Hein, C - Class of 1963

Steve Owen, Coach/T - Class of 1966

Ken Strong, HB - Class of 1967

Emlen Tunner, S - Class of 1967

Y.A. Tittle, QB - Class of 1971

Andy Robustelli, DE - Class of 1971

Roosevelt Brown, T - Class of 1975

Frank Gifford, HB/F - Class of 1977

Alphonse Leemans, HB/FB - Class of 1978

Morris Badgro, E - Class of 1981

Sam Huff, LB - Class of 1982

Fran Tarkenton, QB - Class of 1986

Wellington Mara, Owner - Class of 1997

Lawrence Taylor, LB - Class of 1999

Benny Friedman, QB - Class of 2005

Harry Carson, LB - Class of 2006

Bill Parcells, Coach - Class of 2013

Michael Strahan, DE - Class of 2014


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